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60th Annual Biological Safety Conference of the American Biological Safety Association

October 13-18, 2017

Albuquerque Convention Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico

•Three full days of intensive preconference courses to educate and inspire

•Three full days of state-of-the-art keynotes, papers, and panels highlighting best practices and hands-on skills crucial for today’s biosafety and biosecurity professionals

•Exhibits showcasing the latest in laboratory biosafety and biosecurity products and services

•Invaluable networking opportunities to share and learn from other biosafety and biosecurity professionals


11th Applied Biosafety Meeting of the Swiss Biosafety network

 24 – 25 Aug 2017

Meeting will take place over two days at the University Hospital in Basel

Program and further information can be found here:

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Nieuwsbrief Vereniging BVF Platform

Nieuwsbrief 45 van juni 2017 van de Vereniging BVF Platform. De nieuwsbrief is te vinden als PDF-bestand op het ledendeel in de folder docum
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Engelse versie film Bureau Biosecurity beschikbaar!

Engelse versie film Bureau Biosecurity beschikbaar!
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