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New developments in the discussion whether mutagenesis techniques are exempt or part of GMO-legislation. 

According to Advocate General Bobek, organisms obtained by mutagenesis are, in
principle, exempted from the obligations in the Genetically Modified Organisms
Directive. But....It follows that mutagenesis techniques are exempt from the
obligations of the GMO Directive provided that they do not involve the use of recombinant nucleic acid molecules or GMOs other than those produced by one or more of the methods listed in Annex I B. For Press release see: Court of Justice of the European Union 180118 Mutagenesis Press Release cp180004en.pdf. For complete opinion see: Opinion of Advocate General Michal Bobek on mutagenesis 180118 CURIA - Documents.pdf

The Advocate General’s Opinion is not binding on the Court of Justice. It is the role of the Advocates General to propose to the Court, in complete independence, a legal solution to the cases for which they are responsible. The Judges of the Court are now beginning their deliberations in this case. Judgment will be given at a later date.

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